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Thursday, 15th of April 2021   05:24 AM

Buy UK retail barcode numbers today for; Google, Amazon, ebay, etc. Your company's own globally unique GTIN / EAN-13 / UPC / ITF-14 barcodes; for individual products, multi-packs and cases of products. Over 30 years of experience.

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For use with listings on; Google, Amazon, ebay - in fact all of the world's retailers - in all of the world's 200+ countries

To order, or for information / helpful expert advice based over 30 years of experience, please call:

0844 800 2325

MON-FRI: 8AM-6PM, SAT: 9AM-5PM (If calling from a mobile, or you prefer not to call 0844 numbers, you can also call us on 0161 902 0980)

Note: Barcode number prices start from £19.99 + VAT for 1 barcode number (for a single product), or £64.90 + VAT for 10 barcode numbers (for 10 retail products), or £249 + VAT for 100. Please call for a quote for the exact quantity of barcode numbers you need (our prices have been low and fixed for many years). These costs are a single outlay with no additional costs. We include everything you need free of charge; barcode artwork for your individual product barcodes (13 digit) and outer case (14 digit) which you may or may not need; but we always include it automatically at no cost. Although it is wise to print your barcode number when you print your packaging, a few businesses need labels to add to products already produced; while you can get your existing commercial printer to print these, we also offer a very quick and convenient low cost label printing service (our label customers include; Jamie Oliver, Electrolux, GlaxoSmithKline, ...).

Just a few of our members, who all pay £0 for lifelong membership. We have supplied 10,000's of barcode numbers. You only pay a one time cost for barcode numbers, nothing else to pay; we included everything a typical manufacturer needs.

We took the opportunity to create this simple main web page here at BARCODE.UK, specifically for our barcode number customers, who typically always call to order barcode numbers - instead of using our online store (over at BARCODE.CO.UK - which is used by; police, hospitals, universities, government departments, etc., etc. and is really geared to ordering things like; barcode scanner, barcode quality verifiers, barcode label printers and such like (which may be of interest to you later).

We have been supplying barcode numbers and professional barcode artwork to; manufacturers, packaging designers and commercial packaging printing companies for over 30 years - for example to; household name businesses like Electrolux, to huge multinational pharmaceuticals, 10,000's of barcode numbers also to small to medium size businesses. We provide great value and can often provide lots of free expert advice and assistance when it is needed.

When manufacturers or business people call us, we can provide lots of practical help and advice; although buying barcode numbers is an easier process than many people think - and much cheaper than they think too.

Businesses have a choice to rent or buy barcode numbers for their products. To rent is not only risky and expensive (i.e. some companies charge £300+ rent in the first 12 months; when you include their added fees) but also some do not even give you free professional barcode artwork for all of your products - nor free barcode artwork for things like your outer case code barcodes (professional artwork for either of these can total £100's more).

We advise businesses to buy barcode numbers, as when you rent barcode numbers you become a lifelong debtor (i.e. that is why your 'barcode landlord' needs your full business address details - not for any practical registration purposes - but simply to collect your rent every year.

Note: If you are puzzled how barcode numbers can be sold (i.e. not rented) - take the example of barcode numbers for books - they are all single once only payments (no company rents them out) - another example is barcode numbers for magazines - these are in fact free (nobody sells them nor rents them).

We offer to sell numbers to businesses, which is simply a far more efficient process; the administration costs are eliminated, as there are no annual rents to collect, also no business' barcode numbers to revoke (if people forget to pay), etc., no annual debts to chase, no court summonses, cease and desist orders, etc., etc.

When businesses buy barcode numbers from ourselves, many save over £300+ (as 1 number is just £19.99). Many save over £200 on the free EAN-13 barcode artwork they need (we supply it free for 1 or 10 or 100 barcodes). We also include free ITF-14 barcode numbers and barcode artwork for the all important wholesale side of your retail product supply chain (which many manufacturers overlook).

For over 30 years we have supplied; barcode numbers, barcode artwork, ISO certified barcode quality assurance equipment and barcode software for compliance barcode labelling, etc. and to over 45 countries worldwide. Our customers are some of the largest and smallest in the world - from 1 person start-ups to $9 Billion size with 1,000's of branches.